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  • Mashed Potatoes

    Mashed Potatoes

    Mashed potato is a dish simply prepared by mashing boiled potatoes. It is a different w...
  • Beans with yam and plantain pottage

    Beans with yam and plantain pottage

    This is another way to enjoy beans especially if you have a little bit of beans, yam an...
  • Steamed Pumpkin Leaf Dish

    Steamed Pumpkin Leaf Dish

    Here is a healthy but traditionally delicious way to enjoy pumpkin leaves. The recipe h...
  • Ekpang Nkukwo

    Ekpang Nkukwo

    Ekpang Nkukwo is one of the traditional delicacies of the Efiks and Ibibios. Made with ...
  • Moin Moin

    Moin Moin

    Moin Moin is also called steamed beans pudding.This is a healthier and luscious way of ...
  • Royal Icing

    Royal Icing

    Royal Icing is made with icing sugar and egg white. Its consistency is usually firmer t...
  • Fried Rice

    Fried Rice

    Fried rice is very appetizing because of the nutritious and colourful vegetables in it....
  • Chicken in Carrot Soup

    Chicken in Carrot Soup

    Carrot soup is popularly enjoyed on its own or served with rice, potatoes etc. It invo...

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  • Flavour/ Essences:

    Flavour/ Essences:

    This gives flavour to the cake or icing. Be careful not to put too much because it may ...
  • Ogiri


    Ogiri is usually added to some igbo soups to enrich the aroma. The smell is quiet punge...
  • Browning:


    A brown syrup that gives your cake a brown colour
  • Spring Onions

    Spring Onions

    Spring onions are grown in Nigeria and adds a fantastic flavour to your food
  • Milk:


    This is also used in baking cakes. It makes the cake taste richer. It also helps chocol...


  • Fondant Human Modelling

    Mama's dish,thanks for the good work,God bless you.please how will i make human fondant...
    [ almost 2 years ago by Topsydupsy ]
  • Ice Cream

    Please can someone help me out on how to make ice cream? Thanks.
    [ almost 2 years ago by Amajoy ]
  • Cake Preservation

    how can I preserve a cake for a year or more without additive preservative
    [ over 2 years ago by atinukebalkiss ]
  • Fondant Making

    I made fondant and used it immediately but i could not cover the cake because the fonda...
    [ over 2 years ago by ETSEDORA ]