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  • Suya Sauce

    Suya Sauce

    Suya is usually a quick fix for making a sauce with very little time. Can be served wit...
  • Pancakes


    Perfect for breakfast, pancakes are delicious and could be enjoyed better with syrup, j...
  • Abak Afang Soup

    Abak Afang Soup

    Abak Afang soup is popular in Akwa Ibom and Cross River States. It is basically palm fr...
  • Okazi Soup

    Okazi Soup

    Okazi is the same thing as ‘Afang’ that is popularly eaten by the the Akwa Ibom and Cro...
  • Pineapple, Apples and Banana Smoothie

    Pineapple, Apples and Banana Smoothie

    This smoothie is made from Pineapple, Apples and Banana.blended together to have a mout...
  • Carrots in Fruits Smoothie

    Carrots in Fruits Smoothie

    This mixture of carrots in fruits to make a smoothie, is truly nutritious recipe. It is...
  • Efo Riro

    Efo Riro

    This traditional sauce made by adding green vegetables to tomatoes. It is very nutriti...
  • Moin Moin

    Moin Moin

    Moin Moin is also called steamed beans pudding.This is a healthier and luscious way of ...

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  • Cabbage


    Rich in Vitamin C, contains water, fiber, carbohydrate, protein and trace amounts of mi...
  • Beans


    High in Potassium, rich in carbohydrate, proteins and fiber. It is low in cholesterol a...
  • Okro


    Okro is quite popular in every region in Nigeria. It is a good source of protein, fiber...
  • Flour:


    Flour is the main ingredient in pastries. There are different types of flour you can u...
  • Banana


    Rich in Vitamin C, carbohydrate, potassium, magnesium. Helps to stop diarrhoea and is a...


  • Fondant Human Modelling

    Mama's dish,thanks for the good work,God bless you.please how will i make human fondant...
    [ over 1 year ago by Topsydupsy ]
  • Ice Cream

    Please can someone help me out on how to make ice cream? Thanks.
    [ over 1 year ago by Amajoy ]
  • Cake Preservation

    how can I preserve a cake for a year or more without additive preservative
    [ about 2 years ago by atinukebalkiss ]
  • Fondant Making

    I made fondant and used it immediately but i could not cover the cake because the fonda...
    [ over 2 years ago by ETSEDORA ]