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  • Afang Soup

    Afang Soup

    This is a tasty dish from Southern Nigeria specifically Cross River and Akwa Ibom Stat...
  • Yam Porridge

    Yam Porridge

    Yam is an excellent energy food, rich in carbohydrate and is a staple food in most par...
  • Basic Bread Recipe

    Basic Bread Recipe

    Bread is one food that has its place in almost every home. it is so easy to snack on an...
  • Ayamase- Ofada Stew

    Ayamase- Ofada Stew

    This stew is usually eaten with Ofada rice and is also called 'designer stew'. It is pr...
  • Chicken in Vegetable Panache

    Chicken in Vegetable Panache

    This is simply a mixture of thinly sliced chicken in common vegetables and chicken stoc...
  • Mashed Potatoes

    Mashed Potatoes

    Mashed potato is a dish simply prepared by mashing boiled potatoes. It is a different w...
  • Abacha


    Abacha is an Eastern Nigeria dish and is prepared with dried shredded cassava. This exo...
  • French Toast

    French Toast

    This is when sliced bread is soaked in egg and sometimes milk before being fried to bec...

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  • Pineapple


    Pineapples are rich in Vitamin C and truly delicious . It aids digestion and reduces in...
  • Plantain


    Plantain belongs to the banana family. It is rich in potassium which helps prevent hype...
  • Lettuce


    is a vegetable rich in water and relative amount of protein. low in fats and carbohydra...
  • Ogiri


    Ogiri is usually added to some igbo soups to enrich the aroma. The smell is quiet punge...
  • Sweet Potatoes

    Sweet Potatoes

    Rich in ProVitamin A, Starch and Fibre, low in fat; also known to fill the tummy