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  • Doughnut


    Doughnuts are delicious and hard to resist especially when filled jam or custard. This ...
  • Fried Egg

    Fried Egg

    Fried eggs are cooked with little grease and low heat. Popularly known as the egg with ...
  • Basic Sandwich

    Basic Sandwich

    What a way to make your bread interesting, tasty and nutritious. A little bit of colour...
  • Jollof Rice

    Jollof Rice

    Jollof rice is the most popular rice dish in Ghana and Nigeria. Its attractive colour a...
  • Roast Plantain with Sauce

    Roast Plantain with Sauce

    Roast Plantain is another traditional and healthy way to enjoy plantain. It is popularl...
  • Butter Cake

    Butter Cake

    This plain but delicious cake is one of the simplest cakes to prepare. It is preferred ...
  • Exotic Agbalumo Smoothie

    Exotic Agbalumo Smoothie

    This smoothie is an exotic recipe that can be enjoyed this season with Agbalumo (udara)...
  • Fried Yam and Sauce

    Fried Yam and Sauce

    Fried yam could be eaten with eggs, sauce, custard, pap or on its own. It is a popular ...

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  • Corn


    Contains Water, Carbohydrate, protein, fiber, minerals and fat. It soothes the intestin...
  • Spring Onions

    Spring Onions

    Spring onions are grown in Nigeria and adds a fantastic flavour to your food
  • Waterleaf


    Rich in Vitamin C and E also in beta-carotene. It is known to soften the Afang and Pump...
  • Oha leaves

    Oha leaves

    Oha, scientifically called Pterocarpus soyauxii, is an aromatic herb used for cooking i...
  • Ewedu leaf

    Ewedu leaf

    Belongs to the Corchorus family.Also called bush okro, jute plant or jute mallow. It is...


  • Fondant Human Modelling

    Mama's dish,thanks for the good work,God bless you.please how will i make human fondant...
    [ over 1 year ago by Topsydupsy ]
  • Ice Cream

    Please can someone help me out on how to make ice cream? Thanks.
    [ over 1 year ago by Amajoy ]
  • Cake Preservation

    how can I preserve a cake for a year or more without additive preservative
    [ about 2 years ago by atinukebalkiss ]
  • Fondant Making

    I made fondant and used it immediately but i could not cover the cake because the fonda...
    [ over 2 years ago by ETSEDORA ]