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  • Boiled Plantain

    Boiled Plantain

    Plantain is a basic dish in the country especially when it is ripe but it is high in ca...
  • Moin Moin

    Moin Moin

    Moin Moin is also called steamed beans pudding.This is a healthier and luscious way of ...
  • Afang Soup

    Afang Soup

    This is a tasty dish from Southern Nigeria specifically Cross River and Akwa Ibom Stat...
  • GizzDodo


    'GizzDodo' as it is popularly called, is a dish made from gizzard and fried plantain. I...
  • Fried sweet potatoes

    Fried sweet potatoes

    Here is another type of chips if you like. It is mouth-watering especially when served ...
  • Carrots in Fruits Smoothie

    Carrots in Fruits Smoothie

    This mixture of carrots in fruits to make a smoothie, is truly nutritious recipe. It is...
  • Yam in Pepper Soup

    Yam in Pepper Soup

    Yam can be cooked along with meat or fish to form a special type of soup. It is a very...
  • Oil Bean Sauce

    Oil Bean Sauce

    This Oil Bean Sauce recipe was made by my sister and it is absolutely delicious. It's a...

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  • Waterleaf


    Rich in Vitamin C and E also in beta-carotene. It is known to soften the Afang and Pump...
  • Lettuce


    is a vegetable rich in water and relative amount of protein. low in fats and carbohydra...
  • Turmeric


    Turmeric is also planted in Nigeria even though not as popular as ginger. It can be use...
  • Smoked Catfish

    Smoked Catfish

    for cooking your traditional soups
  • Corn


    Contains Water, Carbohydrate, protein, fiber, minerals and fat. It soothes the intestin...