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  • Plain Sponge Cake

    Plain Sponge Cake

    Sponge cakes are moist mouth-watering cakes that easily melt in the mouth.They usually ...
  • Edikang Ikong

    Edikang Ikong

    This is a highly nutritive delicacy in Akwa Ibom and Cross River States. It is highly ...
  • Vegetable Salad

    Vegetable Salad

    Vegetable salad is a dish consisting of small pieces of vegetables mixed with or withou...
  • Pancakes


    Perfect for breakfast, pancakes are delicious and could be enjoyed better with syrup, j...
  • Basic Sandwich

    Basic Sandwich

    What a way to make your bread interesting, tasty and nutritious. A little bit of colour...
  • White Soup

    White Soup

    White soup is a delicious and easy to prepare dish prepared by thickening your stock wi...
  • Bacon and Shrimp Sauce

    Bacon and Shrimp Sauce

    This acquired tasty recipe can be eaten with rice, potato, plantain or yam as the main ...
  • Toast Sandwiches

    Toast Sandwiches

    Toast sandwiches are sandwiches made by slightly toasting the bead with a sandwich maker

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