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  • Orange Juice

    Orange Juice

    Freshly squeezed orange juice is made from fresh oranges and is simply refreshing or nu...
  • Chips


    Chips is usually referred to sliced potatoes that has either deep fried or baked until ...
  • Pepper Soup

    Pepper Soup

    Pepper soup is served in most local restaurants and hotels and can be eaten alone as a ...
  • Toast Sandwiches

    Toast Sandwiches

    Toast sandwiches are sandwiches made by slightly toasting the bead with a sandwich maker
  • Ayamase- Ofada Stew

    Ayamase- Ofada Stew

    This stew is usually eaten with Ofada rice and is also called 'designer stew'. It is pr...
  • Chin Chin

    Chin Chin

    Chin Chin is crunchy and a delight to all kinds of people from all part of the country ...
  • Ogbono Soup

    Ogbono Soup

    Ogbono soup is a delicious draw soup enjoyed by many tribes in Nigeria. It is also call...
  • Beans with yam and plantain pottage

    Beans with yam and plantain pottage

    This is another way to enjoy beans especially if you have a little bit of beans, yam an...

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  • Corn


    Contains Water, Carbohydrate, protein, fiber, minerals and fat. It soothes the intestin...
  • Moi Moi Leaf

    Moi Moi Leaf

    Moi Moi leaf is called 'Mfang Aya' by the ibibios. Used to wrap moi moi and other meals...
  • Yeast:


    This is a raising agent for pastries such as bread, doughnut etc. These pastries are th...
  • Chili Pepper

    Chili Pepper

    are hot and are rich in Vitamin C, contains water. carbohydrate, fiber and trace amount...
  • Ogiri


    Ogiri is usually added to some igbo soups to enrich the aroma. The smell is quiet punge...