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  • French Toast

    French Toast

    This is when sliced bread is soaked in egg and sometimes milk before being fried to...
  • Basic Sandwich

    Basic Sandwich

    What a way to make your bread more exciting, tasty and nutritious! A little bit of...
  • Fondant Icing

    Fondant Icing

    Fondant Icing is a thick paste that can be moulded into different shapes and sizes and...
  • Chin Chin

    Chin Chin

    Chin Chin is a crunchy delight to all kinds of people from all part of the country and...
  • Bitter leaf soup

    Bitter leaf soup

    Bitterleaf soup is one of the popular dishes in Nigeria and is cooked differently in...
  • Beans with Corn Pottage

    Beans with Corn Pottage

    A combination of beans and sweet corn is always very appealing and encouraging for...
  • Scotch Egg

    Scotch Egg

    Scotch Egg is delicious and rich in protein. It is an interesting way to enjoy eggs....
  • Abak Odusa Soup

    Abak Odusa Soup

    Abak Odusa is basically a palm fruit soup that has odusa/Uziza leaf in it. Waterleaf...

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