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  • Chinese Dumplings

    Chinese Dumplings

    Chinese dumplings is a chinese dish made up of dough wrapped around a filling and are e...
  • Ayamase- Ofada Stew

    Ayamase- Ofada Stew

    This stew is usually eaten with Ofada rice and is also called 'designer stew'. It is pr...
  • Pepper Soup

    Pepper Soup

    Pepper soup is served in most local restaurants and hotels and can be eaten alone as a ...
  •  Basic Pizza

    Basic Pizza

    Pizza could be enjoyed as a meal or a snack. However you want it, you can make pizza su...
  • Club Sandwich

    Club Sandwich

    Club Sandwich is a snack served in many leisure centers, it originated from America and...
  • Carrots in Fruits Smoothie

    Carrots in Fruits Smoothie

    This mixture of carrots in fruits to make a smoothie, is truly nutritious recipe. It is...
  • Basic Scrambled Eggs

    Basic Scrambled Eggs

    Scrambled eggs dish is one of the most popular egg dishes served at restaurants and in ...
  • Egusi Soup

    Egusi Soup

    Egusi Soup is prepared from melon seeds and is enjoyed in most parts of Nigeria. Melon ...

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  • Lettuce


    is a vegetable rich in water and relative amount of protein. low in fats and carbohydra...
  • Ogbono


    Ogbono is bush mango seeds that have been dried and ground. It is rich in protein and i...
  • Cabbage


    Rich in Vitamin C, contains water, fiber, carbohydrate, protein and trace amounts of mi...
  • Carrot


    Carrot is a vegetable rich in Vitamins A, C, K and potassium. Also Beta Carotene, water...
  • Tomatoes


    is a vegetable rich in Vitamin C, Contains 93.8% water, also carbohydrate. fibre, prote...