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  • Spring Rolls

    Spring Rolls

    Spring rolls spring up your mood and taste buds. They are very nutritious and popularly...
  • Club Sandwich

    Club Sandwich

    This sumptuos way of enjoying bread is the A1 when choosing a filling but nutritious di...
  • Rice and Beans

    Rice and Beans

    The Rice and Beans dish is rich in Carbohydrate and proteins and is very palatabe. Thi...
  • Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate Cake

    These soothing, yummy cakes are heavenly with cream and is gaining more popularity than...
  • Toast Sandwiches

    Toast Sandwiches

    Toast sandwiches are sandwiches made by slightly toasting the bead with a sandwich maker
  • Boiled Plantain

    Boiled Plantain

    Plantain is a basic dish in the country especially when it is ripe but it is high in ca...
  • Snails Kebab

    Snails Kebab

    Snails kebab is a sumptuous and crunchy dish enjoyed in many parts of Nigeria. Though s...
  • Banana, Apple and Strawberry Smoothie

    Banana, Apple and Strawberry Smoothie

    Strawberries may be scarce in Nigeria but you can easily find banana and apples for thi...

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  • Pumpkin Leaves

    Pumpkin Leaves

    Pumpkin leaves are rich in Iron, Vitamin C and A. very nutritive and good for the blood
  • Eggs:


    Eggs serve as a raising agent as well as a binding agent when baking. Eggs should be at...
  • Palm fruits

    Palm fruits

    used to make palm oil or soup. The fruit has richer carotene than carrots and also rich...
  • Cocoyam


    It is special specie of yam, smaller in size but very nutritious too. It is also called...
  • Garri


    Made from cassava that has been peeled, ground, dried, sieved and finally fried with or...