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  • Naija Fruits Smoothie

    Naija Fruits Smoothie

    Here is a combination of the local fruits in Nigeria to create this smoothie with an ex...
  • Butter Icing

    Butter Icing

    Butter is a topping made from butter and icing sugar. It is very easy to prepare and pe...
  • 'Sharp Sharp' Okro Soup

    'Sharp Sharp' Okro Soup

    This Okro soup recipe is quick to prepare and very healthy. Perfect if have little time...
  • Cabbageless Vegetable Salad

    Cabbageless Vegetable Salad

    Though cabbage is readily available in Nigeria, there are times when you don’t have it ...
  • Mixed Vegetable Sauce

    Mixed Vegetable Sauce

    This luscious sauce involves mixing meat, vegetables and spices together until the sauc...
  • Watermelon in Fruity Smoothie

    Watermelon in Fruity Smoothie

    This pink smoothie is made from Watermelon, pineapples, banana and apples. It is delici...
  • Chips


    Chips is usually referred to sliced potatoes that has either deep fried or baked until ...
  • Scones


    Somewhere in between crunchy and creamy, scones are delightful to have and are very yum...

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  • Watermelon


    Watermelon is a perfect fruit for weight loss and commonly sold in Nigeria. It has high...
  • Eggs:


    Eggs serve as a raising agent as well as a binding agent when baking. Eggs should be at...
  • Bell Peppers

    Bell Peppers

    These are the large peppers mostly used for many continental dishes. They are perfect ...
  • Tomatoes


    is a vegetable rich in Vitamin C, Contains 93.8% water, also carbohydrate. fibre, prote...
  • Banana


    Rich in Vitamin C, carbohydrate, potassium, magnesium. Helps to stop diarrhoea and is a...