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  • Basic Sandwich

    Basic Sandwich

    What a way to make your bread interesting, tasty and nutritious. A little bit of...
  • Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate Cake

    These soothing, yummy cakes are heavenly with cream and is gaining more popularity than...
  • Boiled Sweet Potatoes with Sauce

    Boiled Sweet Potatoes with Sauce

    Sweet Potato as the name implies is sweet and rich in starch, dietary fiber and...
  • Isi Ewu

    Isi Ewu

    This dish is so unusually delicious and is only complete if you have eaten the major...
  • Snails Kebab

    Snails Kebab

    Snails kebab is a sumptuous and crunchy dish enjoyed in many parts of Nigeria. Though...
  • Beans with yam and plantain pottage

    Beans with yam and plantain pottage

    This is another way to enjoy beans especially if you have a little bit of beans, yam...
  • Ekpang Nkukwo

    Ekpang Nkukwo

    Ekpang Nkukwo is one of the traditional delicacies of the Efiks and Ibibios. Made with...
  • Plain Cookies

    Plain Cookies

    Cookies, Cookies, Creamy Cookies. Loved by all, they are so easy to snack on and saves...

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