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  • Oil Bean Sauce

    Oil Bean Sauce

    This Oil Bean Sauce recipe was made by my sister and it is absolutely delicious. It's a...
  • Corned Beef sauce

    Corned Beef sauce

    Corned beef sauce is very tasty and could be eaten with rice, yam, plantain etc Adding ...
  • Fried sweet potatoes

    Fried sweet potatoes

    Here is another type of chips if you like. It is mouth-watering especially when served ...
  • Pepper Soup

    Pepper Soup

    Pepper soup is served in most local restaurants and hotels and can be eaten alone as a ...
  • Coconut Cake

    Coconut Cake

    Coconut cakes are moist, creamy and nutritious. With an aroma very hard to resist, the ...
  • Snails Kebab

    Snails Kebab

    Snails kebab is a sumptuous and crunchy dish enjoyed in many parts of Nigeria. Though s...
  • Yam in Pepper Soup

    Yam in Pepper Soup

    Yam can be cooked along with meat or fish to form a special type of soup. It is a very...
  • Chin Chin

    Chin Chin

    Chin Chin is crunchy and a delight to all kinds of people from all part of the country ...

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